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A message from the Chief

Welcome to Virginia Commonwealth University. My officers and I look forward to working with students, faculty, staff, campus visitors, city residents and business owners to keep VCU a safe and welcoming place to learn, live and work.

VCU is home to one of the largest university police departments in the country, with 92 sworn officers, more than 200 security personnel and a 24-hour emergency dispatch center working around the clock to keep you safe. VCU police officers have full law enforcement authority on the Monroe Park Campus, the MCV Campus and at the VCU Health System. Our jurisdiction also extends several blocks into the communities surrounding our campuses.

VCU prohibits all forms of violence, including domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking.

We want all students, faculty and staff to know that it’s their responsibility to report unacceptable behavior. If you see something taking place that isn’t right, we want you to take appropriate action and intervene. This can be done in many different ways; you can report tips anonymously using the LiveSafe app or call the police at any time. You can also intervene by creating a distraction or asking others to assist.

We want a culture at VCU in which everyone knows that it’s their responsibility to report abuse, harassment or violence.

Collaboration, partnerships and problem-solving are essential to safety at VCU. We work closely with the Richmond Police Department as well as state and federal partners to ensure safety on our campuses. Our department values two-way communication with the community and we always welcome your thoughts and ideas for improving safety practices.

The VCU Police Department will never miss an opportunity to inform, educate and involve members of this community. Safety at VCU is everyone’s responsibility and that’s why we want to give you the knowledge and tools you need to take an active role in your safety. This is a safe campus and we want you to feel safe here. In our most recent perception of safety survey, 95.5 percent of the VCU community said they feel “safe” or “very safe” on campus.

Please take a moment to add our emergency contact number to your phone: (804) 828-1234. You can also download the “LiveSafe” mobile app to your Apple or Android cell phone; it is a powerful safety tool that can help keep you safe on our campuses. The app allows you to easily share information about crimes or safety threats and lets us share important information with you regarding ongoing threats, special events or safety tips. You can use the app to report safety-related issues by pressing the light bulb graphic for suggestions under the report tips section.

Safety tips and information on the full range of VCU Police services are available on the department’s website: www.police.vcu.edu. You can also follow the department on Facebook (www.facebook.com/VCUPD), Twitter (www.twitter.com/VCUPD) and Instagram (instagram.com/vcupd).

Remember: theft is our most reported crime and it is 100% preventable! Never leave your valuables unattended. Do not hesitate to contact me or the department should you ever need assistance.

Think safety and stay safe.

Chief John A. Venuti


Rules for iPad mini Giveaway

  • Contest is open to current Virginia Commonwealth University students, faculty and staff in good standing, except those employed by the VCU Police Department and their families.
  • The 10,000th visitor to visit Chief Venuti’s safety message webpage after 12:00 AM on Aug.22, 2014, will win a new iPad mini.
  • Each IP address is limited to one visit per day.
  • In order to claim the prize, the winner must print the pop-up notification and bring it to the VCU Police Department headquarters (938 W. Grace Street) OR record the winning code and email Corey Byers at byersc@vcu.edu.
  • In the event that the 10,000th visitor receives the prize notification but does not meet eligiblity requirements as determined by VCU Police at their sole discretion, the counter will immediately reset and the first subsequent visitor will receive the prize notification. This process will continue until an eligible contestant receives the prize notification and claims the prize.
  • The winner of the prize is responsible for any applicable taxes.

Chief John A. Venuti