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Alcohol and drugs

If you choose to use alcohol and illegal drugs, you should be aware of the consequences. For information on Virginia laws surrounding drug and alcohol use, see VCU's official drug and alcohol policyAdobe Reader.


It is against the law for individuals under the age of 21 to buy, possess or consume alcohol, and to use fake IDs to do so. Read the complete Virginia law here.

College Alcohol Study

The Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study (CAS) examines key issues in college alcohol abuse, including the tradition of heavy drinking on college campuses, the relationship of state alcohol control measures and college policies to this behavior, and the role that easy access to alcohol and low prices play. The CAS has identified the dangers of binge drinking, as well as the harms binge drinkers inflict on other students.

Read some of the key CAS publications here.


It is against the law to be in possession of marijuana, unless it has been prescribed by a doctor. Read the complete Virginia law here.