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Bike registration

Officer helping student with bicycle

VCU students and employees are encouraged to register bicycles with the VCU Police Department. In doing so, VCU Police maintains a record of your serial number and a photo of your bike, making it easier to recover a stolen bike.

Registration: To register your bike, complete the online bicycle registration.

Decals: You also have the option of picking up a decal to apply to your registered bicycle. This may help deter theft by letting others know you have registered your bike and serial number. If you would like a decal, you can pick one up at VCU Police, 938-A W. Grace Street.

Where is my bicycle's serial number? Find it here PDF.

How-to guide for bike registrations

Step 1: Click on the online bicycle registration.

Step 2: Fill in the blanks for personal information (if some information does not apply, type “NA”). Click “save.”

Step 3: Click “register bike,” fill in the blanks (if some information does not apply, type “NA”).

Step 4: Upload a photo of your bike (you can be in the picture). Click “save.”

Step 5: Log out once the registration is completed — this is very important. If you do not log out your bike will not be registered.Please log back into the system to confirm that your bike is registered.

Other bike notes